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School in Brazil Gets a ReneSola LED Lighting Refurbishment to Drive down Energy Cost

Kercio Chuang, Dominique Avis (Global Marketing Department)

2016-02-23 10:30:10

School in Brazil Gets a ReneSola LED Lighting Refurbishment to Drive down Energy Cost

Last year ReneSola helped a local school in São Paulo to refurbish their lighting system, providing the school with high quality LED lighting in order to reduce energy cost. The school decided to replace all the conventional lamps to ReneSola LED lamps in attempt to drive down their high cost of electricity bills. Changing to LED light bulbs was a solution, not only to reduce the schools energy bills, but to provide the school with long lasting bulbs which meant low-cost for the maintenance of the LED lamps.

The school expressed that it was extremely important for them to have high quaility light bulbs throughout the school, especially in key areas like the classrooms and library where the students would spend most of their time.

The project was accomplished with the installation of the models ReneSola T8 LED 9W and 18W along with ReneSola LED Bulb 9W, which are much more effective, economical and durable than conventional lamps. Some aspects were taken into consideration in the comparative study of payback such as consumption, daily use, kWh value, among others. It was found a reduction of electricity consumption of 64%, which means an annual saving that will have a payback in less than 8 months.

This was the most important benefit cited by professors and students. Some of the testimonials we received were: "With the new LED lights the students are more attentive and awake during classes and more concentrated in the library." Another said: “The installation of the new lighting was very successful. The service that was provided was great! In particular, we liked the upgrade we had and paid a lot of attention to energy saving: we will greatly reduce the monthly electric costs."

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